How Often Should You Have Commercial Drains Cleaned?

Having commercial drains cleaned is often something that falls to the wayside. There are more crucial things to focus on. However, eventually a neglect for drain cleaning will rear its head in the form of expensive plumbing problems that can cause your business to come to a standstill.

How Often Should You Have Commercial Drains Cleaned?

Prevention is the best way to keep plumbing problems to a minimum, and drain cleaning is the ultimate form of plumbing problem prevention. However, business managers and owners may be used to scheduling maintenance tasks, but how often should they be scheduling drain cleaning?

The answer is – most predictably – it depends on your business.

If you run a restaurant that uses drains frequently, you will need drain cleaning at least once per month to handle potential grease and food debris buildup that got through the traps. However, an office building with a few employee and customer bathrooms shouldn’t ignore drain cleaning either. Soap and tissue paper, while not as hazardous to your drains as grease and food, can still form up clogs if left unchecked.

Small office buildings can usually get away with drain cleaning once or twice per year. The larger the building and the more it uses its plumbing, the more frequently you will want to have your drains cleaned. It is crucial to remember that a drain cleaning isn’t just a cleaning. During this time, your plumbing service may be able to catch potential issues before they even become problems. So in this way, it is both a cleaning and an inspection to help keep your plumbing – and your business – running smoothly.

Are your overdue for a drain cleaning on your commercial property? Well, there is no better time to fix that than now. Contact us today to see what Katy Commercial Plumbing can do to get your drains running smoothly again.