Flood Sensors Can Save You Money in the Long Run

If you ask us, you can never have enough flood protection. Life is full of the unexpected. Here’s what you can do to gain a little more peace of mind with your business and save a few dollars in the process.

Flood Sensors Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Indoor plumbing revolutionized human society in many ways. With innovations in the commercial plumbing industry such as flood sensors, the industry continues to provide a very necessary service as well as a technology to help prevent extensive structural damage.

Generally, flood sensors are small boxes which the customer can place in the potential flooding area (near your hot water tank or other areas prone to excess water such as the restroom or storage areas) and provide advanced alert to increased water levels. Some even send alerts directly to your smartphone through a downloadable application or text messaging service.

There are many types of flood sensors available on the market today including battery operated, wireless, and AC powered. These sensors range in price, but the potential replacement costs for water damaged items or structural damage can range into the thousands of dollars. Water is just as destructive as fire and often is not covered under basic insurance policies.

In an uncertain world, forewarned is forearmed. Almost every business in America is equipped with smoke detectors. Why not flood sensors? Save money and save yourself a hassle. Flood sensors make sense.

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