Benefits and Disadvantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Many companies need sewer repair services. Some waste time worrying about the cost and time involved in the process. Others worry about possible disruptions to business if sewer lines get dug up for repair. However, trenchless technology allows repairs while limiting these issues.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

What is Trenchless Repair?

Two methods are available with this service. Neither requires cutting out and digging a trench. The first is epoxy lining or cured in place lining. This method works by inserting a balloon coated with epoxy into the pipe. After curing the balloon gets removed, and creates a pipe within the old pipe.

The second method is pipe bursting. This method involves drilling two holes to section off a damaged pipe. A new pipe gets pulled as the old pipe gets crushed. This involves hydraulic machinery and cables to complete.


This method saves costly remodeling and repairs from traditional pipe replacements. Only targeted sections get repaired or replaced. Using these technologies also save time. The Epoxy lining or cured inlining usually takes three to six hours to set. The new pipes resist corrosion and intrusion of tree roots. These pipe replacements have a 50-year life as well.


The only problem is some pipes are beyond this service. If companies wait too long, sewer pipes get too degraded or damaged. This technology doesn’t work at this stage. In these cases, trenches get dug so the pipes get replaced. This leads to lengthy time and higher costs that people expect from repair services.

Certifications and experience need to be considered with this option. Ory’s Plumbing Solutions in Katy Texas has 20 years of experience. We are professionals certified for sewer repair services like this. Don’t wait, contact us today for more information and estimates.